Find Us and FAQ


Classes are run every Sunday at 10.30am (apart from Bank Holidays) at The Old Airport in Aldridge.

Should you have any questions you are welcome to visit the club any Sunday morning between 10.30am and 11.30am to discuss your training needs.


Who organises the Club?
The members elect a Committee at the AGM in April to run the Club’s activities and finances for the year until 31 March.


What are the Rules governing the Club?
The Club is run according to the rules laid down by the Kennel Club for affiliated Dog Training Clubs. Full copies of the rules are handed out on joining.


What do you mean by Rewards?
We train using positive reinforcement so therefore handlers bring either small treats (small pieces of sausage, liver, cheese) or toys which are of high value to their dog which reward good behaviour.


Why can I not train with a chain lead?
Members are discouraged from using a chain lead for their own safety. Injuries can occur when using two hands on the lead and if you have a powerful dog, although any size dog suddenly changing direction can trap fingers in a chain lead.


Do you use slip chains?
Members are shown how to use a slip chain correctly but we discourage their use as a training method.

I have already done some training with my dog, do I have to join the beginners class?
No, if you and your dog already have experience of training then one of the trainers will assess your standard and you will be invited to join the most suitable class.


Can I visit the Club before joining?
Yes we encourage prospective members to visit us and observe our training practices before joining.


If my dog is older, a rescue, and I don’t know its history, is it still possible to join the Club?
We prefer your rescue dog to have had 4 weeks to settle in to it’s new environment before starting formal training but you would be very welcome to visit the Club anytime during this period to discuss your dog’s particular needs. Dogs of any age are welcome.


What are the benefits of training outdoors?
Essentially your aim is to have a well trained and socialised dog which you feel confident to take into public places, outdoor training provides a more natural environment for your dog, better preparing him for experiences in public parks and countryside.


Is the Club insured and what does it cover?
Yes the Club is insured via the Kennel Club’s insurance for Canine Clubs and Societies. Details of specific cover can be obtained from the Club Secretary.